Is it time to claim back
control of your online marketing ?

Are you held hostage by an outdated content management system, substandard digital tools, or a hostile IT department, spending hours of your day battling to end up with few results? Do you have a headache from keeping head-above-water with the ever growing list of digital channels you're expected to deliver on?

It’s time to get back to doing what you are good at, supported by tools you control and an on-call team to get you the outcome. Kudos has seen the good bad and the ugly of the digital marketing world and offers a refreshingly realistic approach to get clients moving.

PwC TWoA Famously Rotorua Waterfront Auckland

Road-tested content management tools
custom web development & specialist ongoing support

Since 1999 marketers and communicators have relied on Kudos bespoke development, websites and online solutions to make their efforts go further. We are proud of our clients, their progress and position online.

John Gundersen

John Gundersen

Waterfront Auckland

... I can unreservedly recommend the Kudos Web team based on their commitment, their depth of knowledge and design skills in assisting us in creating this site under an extremely tight deadline.

Saxon Deck

Saxon Deck

PWC New Zealand

...Kudos Web were able to provide the smarts, tools and advice to take PwC NZ from PC only website to a fully responsive web experience... I would highly recommend Kudos Web to other large organisation for their digital communication and CMS needs.

Jenha White

Jenha White

Destination Rotorua Marketing

The brief was to have phase one of the website live in 2 months... Kudos successfully made it happen. Since then phases two and three of the website have been in development and Kudos continues to be a strong part of the delivery team.

Our Results



  • CMS driven website
  • Responsive
  • On-going support
Famously Rotorua

Rotorua NZ

  • CMS multi website
  • Integration with Tourism NZ
  • Multiple content authors
  • On-going support
  • Responsive


  • CMS driven website
  • Responsive
  • On-going support

What we Actually do

Custom Websites

A strong, active, client controlled website forms the basis of most successful online campaigns and allows an ongoing conversation with stakeholders and customers.

Mobile & Flexible Content

Content and experiences that suit mobile are essential to ensure effective user reach. Other screen formats, such as kiosk touchscreens open up additional channels to users.

Expert Ongoing Support

Great tools are little use without being able to get the best from them. Our specialist support desk is there when you need complex changes issues resolution, ideas or training.

Hosting & Background Services

Enterprise hosting allows websites and online solutions to have high availability, security, and a range of backup mechanisms whilst being quick to access and work seamlessly.

Smart Tools & Integrations

Manual copy and paste from one system to another wastes valuable time and introduces potential for human error. Integrations allow passing of information instantly and error free.

Email Campaign Tools & Services

Strong engagement requires reaching users through multiple channels including their inbox. We enable the sending of beautiful emails and effectively tracking user behaviour.

Creating an RFP document for a new website or online solution? Here are our 3 top tips. As published in the NZ Education Review: ICT Procurement 2014


Our Clients Made a Decision with confidence

  • Proven You want a proven provider when making a decision that is long term and affects significant budgets. Kudos Web has delivered millions of dollars worth of web solutions over many years and it services will continue long into the future.

  • Experienced In a rapidly changing world, a medium to long term commitment warrants that a provider is able to meet future challenges. Kudos is built on a broad range of experience in varying technologies and disciplines.

  • Specialist An agency for everyone is an agency for no-one. Our focus on specific areas has enabled us to build deep understanding and capacity in those niches that give clients in those spaces the edge.

  • Focussed A provider with such extensive experience and history usually equates to clients being one of a large herd. Not at Kudos. Our client list is short by design so that we can focus attention, stay nimble and deliver results.

We Handle the burden of keeping up with the latest in digital marketing and communications

In our game, second by second things change. It can be overwhelming. It can be tiring. It can cause you a headache! But with Kudos in the mix the burden is shared. As we live and breathe the digital world, we can help clients be ready for upcoming opportunities and be aware to impending market allowing preparations to be made.

With Kudos on the team, you can breathe easier.

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