We believe business has
the power to change lives

Fourteen years ago Kudos Web was founded as a company that built websites. Today Kudos is a communications house working across the online space. We help big organisations (and some smaller ones too!) use the web to talk to those who matter most to them.

It's more than just building websites (anyone can do that right!). We're good at talking to people in their language. Whether its working with a War and Peace sized specification or getting you talking to your 'customers or stakeholders' in their language. We'll use the best channels including everything from email campaigns to touch screen kiosks, mobile sites to games, websites to online competitions.

Kudos Web, we can work with your existing marketing strategy or we can tailor something to get you going. Either way, we always take time to understand you, looking at what you do and where you want to go.

We've done it before with people like Auckland Council CCO's Waterfront Auckland and Auckland Conventions, and other organisations such as Te Wananga o Aotearoa, Ports of Auckland, Crown Relocations and Bayleys Realty Group.

These clients keep coming back (that's a good thing!), we see each other as part of the same team.

We would love to talk about synergies, and see if there's a fit between us (and a free space in our schedule!) and get a conversation going.

Meet our people

We are a group of people who love digital and the opportunity that it offers. We want to work on projects where we can be part of creating or facilitating something exceptional, something that makes a meaningful difference for people.

What we Actually do

Custom Websites

A strong, active, client controlled website forms the basis of most successful online campaigns and allows an ongoing conversation with stakeholders and customers.

Mobile & Flexible Content

Content and experiences that suit mobile are essential to ensure effective user reach. Other screen formats, such as kiosk touchscreens open up additional channels to users.

Expert Ongoing Support

Great tools are little use without being able to get the best from them. Our specialist support desk is there when you need complex changes issues resolution, ideas or training.

Hosting & Background Services

Enterprise hosting allows websites and online solutions to have high availability, security, and a range of backup mechanisms whilst being quick to access and work seamlessly.

Smart Tools & Integrations

Manual copy and paste from one system to another wastes valuable time and introduces potential for human error. Integrations allow passing of information instantly and error free.

Email Campaign Tools & Services

Strong engagement requires reaching users through multiple channels including their inbox. We enable the sending of beautiful emails and effectively tracking user behaviour.